Confidentiality in Game Development QA and Beyond
Posted by Evelyn Frederickson ● 6/21/18 10:53 AM

Confidentiality in Game Development QA and Beyond

With security breaches running rampant and the new GDPR regulations in place, privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII) have been put in the spotlight. Professionals across industries and digital platforms need to exercise extreme diligence to protect user information and earn consumer trust.

Companies are searching for intuitive and automated compliance solutions across business disciplines including for Quality Assurance (QA) initiatives, where PIIs are often visible. These data slips aren’t just compromising for customers who entrust their personal information to companies; unnecessary identifiers also undermine an unbiased QA process.

When feedback is submitted, product teams should be focused on the content of the submission. Blind ticket submission ensures that all feedback is incorporated without bias. Game developers who receive numerous tickets from the same player may under prioritize this particular tester’s feedback. They may regard him or her as highly-critical, unappeasable, or an unrealistic outlier. The problem is that this 3rd party tester may actually bring back an important issue - even if it’s his or her 102nd ticket. In order to prevent QA bias from impacting the development process, a scientific approach will be most successful.

Optimize the QA process in 3 Steps:

Standardized information capture through Google Forms

Google Forms can be easily customized by the QA department to collect the information they need and the feedback form is easily accessible to the customers, who will be providing the requested information. The AODocs - Google Form integration automatically creates a document and starts are new workflow as soon as the form is submitted.

Integration into a multi-step workflow

Once the workflow has been initiated, QA leads can verify that the tester’s feedback was received, validate the accuracy of the information, and issue any rewards/incentives before passing the ticket along the development team. The AODocs workflow engine also provides high-level dashboards that show the number of feedback submissions received, the processing time of the submitted tickets, and any other statistics the QA department may want to analyze.

Leverage automation to redact sensitive PIIs

Before sharing the 3rd party's feedback with the broader product team, the QA team wants to hide PIIs within any attached documents to ensure confidentiality and objectivity. They can do it in one easy automated step by running the documents against the Google DLP API, which redacts all personally identifiable information such as names, tags, phone numbers, you name it. This redaction works also on images!

Below is a brief demonstration of these features in action:

Data and consumer privacy is of the utmost importance for today’s digital communities but that doesn’t mean that achieving security has to be complicated. To learn more about how AODocs supports security initiatives through cutting-edge redaction and workflow technologies, sign up for a personalized demo today.

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