Celebrating the Value of Customers
Posted by Stéphane Donzé ● 10/20/20 4:51 AM

Celebrating the Value of Customers - AODoctoberfest in Review

On October 15th and 16th of 2020 over 200 AODocs customers, partners and employees came together for the first AODoctoberfest. The event shared insight, opinion, customer stories, and even sneak previews of upcoming AODocs product features in a virtual environment - but thankfully complemented with real German beer.

There were too many highlights to list in a short blog, but I’ve tried to summarize some of my personal highlights below.

1. Customer Stories

One of the main reasons for creating AODoctoberfest was to share stories. At AODocs we have some of the finest, innovative, and paradigm-smashing customers on the planet.

The customer stories delivered by Equifax, Standard Industries and Veolia showcase not only how these organizations are using AODocs, but more widely how technology is changing the way that we do business. I strongly urge you to take a look at the recordings of these sessions as they highlight how creative humankind can get when given the opportunity.

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2. New Features

Of course, no customer event would be complete without a sneak peek at some new product features, and our very own Marine Desquilbet provided just that - wowing the audience with updates on new features from both the existing release and Release 54 which debuts in early November. Marine’s product session can be found here.

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3. Energy and Engagement

When we started talking about AODoctoberfest, we envisioned creating a forum for AODocs customers to share their stories, and to start to build a peer to peer community of users that provide value to each other without needing AODocs in the middle. This vision came into reality during the event, with fantastic levels of enthusiasm and engagement from the hundreds of attendees. Personally, I expect the AODoctoberfest to become an annual event, hopefully in person at some point in the future, and I genuinely hope that this can become the highlight of the year for AODocs customers, staff, and partners alike.

4. AODocs Customer Focus

Finally, one of the key messages that I personally wanted to share during the event was just how important customers are to AODocs past, present, and future. I won’t provide too many spoilers for those who want to view the recorded session, but without the feedback, support, and vision from our customers we couldn’t possibly create the innovative solution that AODocs brings to the market today. All of the press coverage, analyst recognition, awards in the world really deserve to go to our customers - and for that, I genuinely want to thank each and every one of you.

As we move towards the end of 2020 much is changing. And the relationship between AODocs and its customers is something that will change also - but we hope that change will drive further innovation, trust, and mutual benefit and we navigate these uncharted times. If you weren’t able to join us for AODoctoberfest, grab yourself a stein of some good German beer, put an oompah band on in the background, and view the recorded sessions here.

Until next time - cheers!🍻

Recordings of all of the sessions from the event can be found here:

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