View a recorded conversation about the risk associated with common file types, the value of encryption, examples of success, and a look at how you can get it done for your business.

Businesses today want the scalability and collaboration benefits of using Google Drive, but are concerned by the risks and unsure of how to securely store and share sensitive documents in the cloud.

The result: missed efficiencies Google products can unlock and IT departments forced to silo sensitive data and maintain legacy, on-premises (and often budget-busting) software licenses that are seldom used.

There is an easy, simple way to harness the power of Google Drive for ALL of your files, even your most sensitive ones.

In this webinar recording, you’ll learn about:

  • 5 common file types and the risks they pose when stored in the cloud
  • How end-to-end encryption fully secures all of your sensitive documents
  • Document management success stories in Google Drive

You’ll also see a demo of how AODocs and Virtru solutions work together to secure your vital business documents while allowing them to be easily shared.

Your Presenters

Your Presenters

48 min

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