Improve Compliance in Cloud ECM with a Better User Experience

Times are changing. Businesses today realize the importance of user adoption when it comes to enterprise software – including enterprise content management (ECM). ECM systems can no longer be deployed outside of the context of business processes or selected by the C-Suite without having thought of what employees really need.

When it comes to enterprise software, user adoption is critical. A lack of adoption can lead to painful compliance risks. However, today’s workforce expects their professional tools to provide a similar user experience to those that they use in their daily lives. That’s why companies need to take UX in account when choosing an ECM system.

Hear from guest speaker Cheryl McKinnon, Forrester Research analyst, and AODocs Founder & CEO, Stéphane Donzé, to learn why you should adapt your content management practices to improve engagement and compliance. They also explain how the ECM market is evolving to meet the growing demands of end users.

40 min

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