Are you working with twentieth-century systems and approaches in the twenty-first century?

The Future of Information Management is NOW Cover

It may be hard to believe, but SharePoint 2010 is now over a decade old. But, what may be even harder to believe is that over 40% of the users we surveyed are still running this version today.

As revolutionary as the platform was at the time, it is now several generations back — developed in a time before innovations like mobile computing and the cloud became elemental in the current business environment.

And SharePoint 2010 is just one example of aged systems and software in use today.

There is no better time than NOW to ask whether or not your organization is working with systems and approaches that will limit your future opportunities. This is especially important as demands for new digitally-enabled ways of working disrupt every aspect of doing business today, creating new markets and new competitors that were unforeseen just a few years ago.

What outdated technology could be holding you back?

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