Better Security. Better Compliance. Automatically.

AODocs helps companies control their documents to improve security and efficiency without sacrificing user experience. But what about the documents that users never put into AODocs?

Worry no longer. AODocs has partnered with BetterCloud to provide organizations with even more security features. 

Powerful Content Monitoring

With BetterCloud, companies can monitor content in G Suite and Google Drive to automatically enforce the proper policies. With a powerful content analysis engine, BetterCloud scans Google Drive and detects files containing sensitive data.

Automatic Alerts

BetterCloud allows companies to create policies that automatically alert administrators to secure documents. In AODocs, administrators can assign the proper document ownership, permissions, retention, and disposition rules.

Given the need for companies to identify, audit, and repair security breaches, AODocs and BetterCloud makes it easy to automate security and compliance while allowing employees to focus on the business critical issues.