Human Resources

Document Management for Human Resources

From publishing job offers to onboarding new employees, AODocs helps HR teams set up automated workflows and keep sensitive information confidential while ensuring full compliance with regulations.

Create automated workflows to keep things moving

Organize your job offers, resumes, and other HR records to comply with HR regulations and hire more efficiently. You can even create workflows for automatic task assignments, email notifications, reminders, and more. AODocs lets you bring each employee’s important HR documents into Drive to manage them all from one place.

Get new hires up to speed on their first day

Integrations with HR systems like SuccessFactors and PeopleSoft makes it simple to efficiently manage employee onboarding. Have Google Drive accounts ready with all the documents that your new hires need to get started—from paperwork to training materials. New employees will feel welcome and be ready to get to work from day one.

Comply with industry regulations and standards

Distribute policies and procedures across teams and comply with OHSAS requirements by ensuring that your confidential documents are protected. Store information on a centralized platform for better control over reporting and approval-related documents and apply document retention and disposition policies across all of your files.

Larissa Pepper

HR Coordinator, Arrow Transportation Systems

"Since setting up the process in our AODocs library, both admins and end-users have a simple and secure way to manage vacation requests and approvals in Google Drive. This has helped with transparency and the ability for both employees and management to have real-time data."

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