Job Offers and Hiring with AODocs

Job Offers and Hiring

Job Offers and Hiring

Managing a large number of applications and all of the different channels your company uses to source candidates can make your hiring processes complicated and inefficient. AODocs helps you manage processes like publishing job offers, receiving applications, screening candidates, and onboarding new employees, all in one place.

Centralize offers and applications

Organize your job offers, resumes, and other HR records to comply with regulations and hire more efficiently. Publish approved offers on multiple channels and automatically remove outdated offers.

Streamline screenings and interviews

Automate each step of the hiring process, like assigning candidates to relevant interviewers, to make sure you don’t miss the perfect candidate.

Build a candidate database

Collect applications in an easily searchable database to quickly find past candidates who could be a good fit for today's offer. Archive and retain all hiring related conversations for regulatory compliance.

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