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High Tech

Document Management for Technology Companies

Build better products and bring them faster to market by automating your internal processes and helping your R&D teams collaborate more efficiently.

Comply with ISO 9001 and other industry standards

AODocs helps manufacturers comply with industry regulations like OSHA and ISO 9001:2016. Ensure that your operating procedures are properly distributed to all employees, and that everyone is always using the right version of a document.

Create a solid feedback loop

Collect feedback from customers, organize test results, and make sure no bug or issue is overlooked. AODocs helps you build products your users can rely on.

Innovate faster

Build structured processes for your product specifications and engineering documents, while enjoying the collaborative experience of Google Drive for optimal productivity and time to market.

Larry Cooke

Senior Manager Infrastructure & Client Services at Corel Corporation

"We were looking for product to help with security management and ensuring that all files are owned by the library vs. individual collaborators. We also wanted an application that was easy for a user to maintain security and access settings without intervention from IT. AODocs proved to do all that and more, plus it’s very cost effective."

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