AODocs Enterprise Folders

$3 / user / month

when paid annually
The ideal solution to protect your Google Drive files against accidental deletion or excessive sharing, and to migrate your file server to Google Drive.

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AODocs Document Management

$6 / user / month

when paid annually
All the document management features you need to migrate your legacy Sharepoint or Lotus Notes documents to the cloud, organize your documents with custom views and advanced search, and implement your business workflows.

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Features List


AODocs Enterprise Folders

AODocs Document Management

Company ownership

All files are owned by a corporate Google account

Secured sharing

Prevent users from accidentally sharing files or folders

File loss prevention

Prevent users from deleting files or folders

File recovery

Dedicated trash per folder with configurable retention time

Search in folder

Narrow keyword search to a specific folder

Pushed folders

Automatically add a Team Folder to the users’ My Drive

Folder picker

Easily access all your Team Folders from Google Drive and star your favorite folders

Copy folder structure

Duplicate an entire folder structure in one click

Files collaboration

Edit and save documents in any file format directly in Google Drive and lock files against concurrent modifications


View your document’s parent folder path in the Google Docs editor

Secured folders

Prevent non-administrator users from creating, modifying or deleting subfolders

Audit log

Record user activity (library configuration changes, document views and document history).

Document Metadata

Tag your documents with any type of properties


Custom List Views

Configure list views and reports by selecting columns, sort order, and filters


Version control

Manage multiple versions of documents, and enforce strict version control via check-in / check-out



Define business workflows in a few clicks, with fully configurable workflow steps



Access, create and update documents or trigger workflow actions from external applications


Custom scripts

Attach custom scripts to specific events like document updates or workflow activity


Master Data Management

Synchronize AODocs data lists with your ERP, CRM and other business apps


Email to Document

Turn any incoming emails into AODocs documents, and attached files into Google Drive files



Tag documents with geographic location data and search your documents by distance on a map