PSIGEN Document Capture Software

Turn your content into actionable business data

Free yourself from manual processes

With the PSIGEN integration for AODocs, you can automatically extract the important content data from invoices, letters, emails, faxes, and digital files, convert them into searchable PDFs, and export them directly to AODocs.

How it works

Capture content

Let PSIGEN capture the important information from your documents

Secure it

Automatically export business-critical data to AODocs

Use it

Create dynamic dashboards, automated business processes, and more

All your data at your fingertips

Never miss an important invoice or report. PSIGEN automatically captures your organization’s physical and electronic documents and exports them into AODocs’ secure document management system. Within AODocs, you can easily find and manage your business data with intuitive search tools and powerful business processes.

Automation lets your employees focus on what’s important

With manual data entry out of the way, you’ll be impressed by what your team can do. Combined with AODocs’ business applications, PSIGEN’s automated data capture technology makes sure your documents get to the right people, right away.

Leverage your content

If companies aren’t able to manage all of their online and offline content, they’re missing out on valuable, actionable business insights. The PSIGEN integration helps you log and store all of your important data in AODocs where you can use it to monitor company performance, discover new opportunities, and identify areas for improvement.

Make your business more agile

Streamline your business processes, pull more insights from your business data, and help your employees be more efficient. With all your content easily searchable in AODocs and your teams working at their best, your organization will be able to quickly shift to take advantage of new opportunities.

Stay secure and compliant

AODocs and PSIGEN help you get rid of your physical filing cabinets and put all your business content in the most secure storage system around, the cloud. You no longer have to worry about fires, floods, theft, or server crashes. This extra security helps a lot when it comes to meeting your HIPAA and FINRA compliance requirements.

How can it help?

With AODocs and PSIGEN, companies are able to focus on what’s important and get the most out of their content. Take Carl’s Custom Cakes, a business that creates custom birthday cakes. Inputting all of the customer order forms and other paper documents started to take up a lot of time and, like with any manual process, there were occasionally mistakes.

With the PSIGEN integration, the customer order forms are automatically scanned and transferred to AODocs. Not only does Carl have more time to bake cakes, but PSIGEN and AODocs also help cut down on errors. With all of his content stored in AODocs, Carl’s Custom Cakes can now analyze his customer orders to find trends that can help inspire new designs, give him pricing insights, and allow him to make supply forecasts.

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