Awesome Table

Let your AODocs data tell its story.

Beautifully display interactive data on your website

With the Awesome Table integration for AODocs, you can display Google Sheets data on websites as interactive, easy-to-use apps.

How it works

Prepare Your Sheet

Put your data in Google Sheets and let Awesome Table’s innovative web app do the rest.

Choose a Layout

Turn your Sheet into a dynamic performance dashboard, employee directory, product catalog, and more.

Add it to Your Website

Add your interactive, easy-to-read table to your website or company intranet.

Make your data understandable and actionable

Lines and lines of Google spreadsheet data are hard to follow and even harder to pull insights from. The Awesome Table integration makes your business data visual and customizable. With interactive filters and easy-to-read graphics, you can build apps that provide you with understandable, actionable business insights.

Data is interactive, searchable, and flexible

With just a few clicks, turn your spreadsheets into interactive apps that let you filter, sort, and search. If you need to make a change, you can quickly update your Awesome Table without code and without help from developers.

Display your data, your way

Display your data however you want with the help of ready-to-use templates or with your own custom layouts. Dashboards, maps, business performance reports, content cards, employee directories, slideshows, incident report maps — whatever you need, it’s there.

Works with your website

Awesome Table works everywhere! Publish your tables on any website including Wordpress, Wix, Drupal, Google Sites, and more. It’s simple too. Publishing to the web is as easy as copy and paste.

Safe and secure

Data security is crucial for regulatory and certification compliance. Awesome Table never stores any of your data so you can be sure that you will never lose control.

How can it help?

The Awesome Table integration helps all kinds of companies. Take Mike’s Windows, a company that makes custom windows. They have to make sure that the right windows go to the right customers on time. However, it’s hard to properly plan delivery routes when only looking at individual order addresses.

Now, Mike simply adds the customer addresses to a Google Sheet in AODocs, sets up some filters, and chooses a template. Awesome Table then displays them on Google Maps so the logistics team can optimize their delivery routes. Talk about efficiency!

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