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Grupo WRR

Grupo WRR, a South American energy giant with 6 subsidiaries and 15,000 employees, excels in the oil, gas, telecom, mining, and infrastructure industries.




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  • With operations in every state of Brazil, Grupo WWR started looking for a business solution to centralize their back office functions. After admiring the way that Google handled a client’s large datasets, Nicolas Ortuzar Ramirez, Grupo WRR’s IT Director, decided to look into whether it would make sense for them to adopt G Suite.
  • “My main concern about using a legacy solution was that once our file sizes grew, I would have problems escalating the servers,” said Ramirez. “I was convinced about the cloud and when I compared costs, I found that Google with AODocs was less than 10% of the cost of the other solutions we considered.”


  • Centralize back office functions
  • Find a scaleable cloud-based solution for document management
  • Save time and streamline operations for tasks like supplier invoice audits

Nicolas Ortuzar Ramirez

Grupo WRR’s IT Director

“When my colleagues need to retrieve data or are looking for information, that’s when they really feel the value of AODocs.”


Grupo WRR currently uses AODocs in their purchasing, sales, finance, and HR departments and has plans to expand its usage further within the company.


“Two months ago, we had an audit, which meant that we needed to pull all of the invoices from specific suppliers,” Ramirez explained. “With AODocs, something that was previously very time consuming took us just a couple of minutes.”

The company also cited their HR department as a big contributor to their favorable ROI. With 15,000 employees, it’s important that personnel documentation is available and easy to track. AODocs makes it simple for them to do that.

“When my colleagues need to retrieve data or are looking for information, that’s when they really feel the value of AODocs,” Ramirez said.

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