CI/CD Devops

Location: Paris

Effective Date: Now

We are an independent software company created in 2012 that makes a SaaS solution, used by millions of users worldwide and recognized by major analyst firms like Forrester and Gartner as one of the global players in the document management space.

AODocs is the only cloud and serverless document management and business process platform fully integrated with Google Drive and Workspace, allowing organizations in all industries to easily control their documents, scale their business-critical processes, and meet compliance requirements – all while enhancing user experience. 

After the COVID-19 situation, the digitization of documents and business processes is becoming a top priority for many organizations. This has encouraged AODocs to move into a scale-up phase! We’re growing fast, and looking for new talent that will help us reach new heights.

The AODocs platform is used by Google and recommended for Google Workspace.
This privileged relationship with Google allows us to have exclusive access to some of their most innovative solutions, particularly in Machine Learning.

Our R&D team of ~50 people is global (we have people based in France, Hungary, Italy, and the USA), highly motivated, and competent. We are a remote open company: anyone can work remotely. We also have offices in Bordeaux, Milan, and Paris if that’s more your thing.

Our infrastructure is entirely on the cloud on Google Cloud Platform. We use Terraform, App Engine, Datastore and BigQuery. We code in Angular and Typescript for the front-end and in Java for the back-end. We work in Agile methodology (Scrum or Kanban).

Why are we recruiting?

Our engineering team is in France, Italy, Hungary, and a bit on the west coast of the United States. We work, depending on the teams in product mode or in project mode.

Strategically we consider that the quality, the release, the CI / CD, and the management of the infrastructure should be common and orchestrated globally.

In this context, we want to modernize our deployment and continuous cycle (CI / CD) processes, define common standards for the teams and support them in the implementation of new solutions.

You will be located in Paris where you will be part of the operation - platform team. This team is now composed of quality engineers and SRE. It will grow over the course of 2023. In collaboration with the teams of engineers responsible for the core, APIs, and VIP client applications, you will be responsible for the development of the CI / CD processes and the support for teams in adopting these processes. In synergy with our SRE engineers, you will be required to support our satellite product teams in defining and implementing the specific solutions they need.


Your missions

  • Set up, improve and optimize the tools linked to the production chain.
  • Automate as many production and deployment tasks as possible.
  • Support teams in getting to grips with new tools.
  • Administer, maintain and develop tools, CI / CD pipelines, and solutions.
  • Automate and systematize the management of environment configurations and secrets.
  • Refactoring our existing automation tools.
  • Provide support to development teams:
    • Study the technical feasibility of projects.
    • Mastery of continuous integration and configuration management processes.
    • Propose new practices and new technological solutions.
    • Ensure the proper functioning of applications in terms of stability, performance, scalability.
    • Analyze and resolve issues/incidents/anomalies that may be related to stability.
  • Intervene on IaC subjects (Terraform).
  • Suggest changes in order to improve the service.
  • Share DevOps best practices.

Experience sought

  • At least significant experience operating in a public cloud (ideally GCP).
  • At least significant experience with remote teams (ideally abroad).
  • Work in a team or on a bi-lingual project (French / English)
  • Work in a SaaS context where the applications must be operational 24/7 and where the hot deployment (rollout without downtime) is mandatory
  • Implementation of an automation solution for the different stacks (mobile, front, back, infra, etc.)

Profile sought

  • Bilingual French / English, a plus would be experienced in a company where the practice of English is mandatory.
  • Mastery of good security practices and knowledge of Terraform are advantages.
  • Able to work collaboratively while being autonomous on assigned sites.
  • Intellectual curiosity, taste for the technological watch, updating of knowledge, and spirit of initiative.
  • Rigor in procedures and methodical in production.
  • The position is based in Paris.

Why would you join us?

  • Competitive salary, full remote possible, technical challenges, company in scale up phase.


    As a company committed to gender and cultural diversity, the company reiterates that it refuses all forms of discrimination and that all its job offers are open to people with disabilities.