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Walking the Talk — The Cloud Alliance's Best-Practices Guide
Posted by Bonnie Bailly ● 2/18/15 8:54 AM

Walking the Talk — The Cloud Alliance's Best-Practices Guide

The Cloud Alliance today published a practical guide named “the Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps”. I love this document because parts of it were collaborative contributed by all of the cloud alliance partners. All 19 members had access and could edit simultaneously. Imagine if this document was produced in InDesign or Word and we had to serial pass it around to collect everyone’s contribution? That would take some time! The guide is also a good overview of the considerations and alternatives available to facilitate migration to Google Apps. Going forward the Alliance will accept and selectively include additional comments, with the idea to make this a living document — a collection of ideas and best practices in one view about how to transform your business using Google and Cloud Alliance partner technology.

Over lunch yesterday, I listened to a customer talk about how they’re using AODocs to manage specifications and technical documentation to produce new technology for a highly regulated industry. Their challenge is to weld together a highly agile and social development environment with the need for exceedingly high quality products. For them Google Apps and AODocs were key technologies to bridge those to business factors. This is what I mean about walking the talk. Actual transformation of how innovation and production is done.

The Business Transformation Guide for Google Apps is really good primer on issues and technology factors to consider when pursuing business transformation via migration to the Google Apps eco-system. It can be found here. Find out more about AODocs here.

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