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Posted by AODocs ● 12/19/19 4:17 PM

Top Ten Info Management Knowledge Leaders to Watch in 2020 (+1 Bonus)

It’s no secret that today’s businesses are driven by information. And how well we manage that content has everything to do with how well the organization performs. This will be especially true in 2020 as information agility, process efficiency and superior service all become benchmark qualities of digital transformation.

But with all the different systems, strategies and approaches available, it can be difficult to know where to put your investment and effort. Who can you turn to for a trusted, real-world perspective to guide your strategies and decision-making?

We’ve assembled this list of the Top Ten Information Management Knowledge Leaders to watch in 2020.

#1: Kevin Craine

@Kevin_Craine | CraineGroup.com

Kevin Craine is certainly one of the most prolific influencers to watch this year. His Twitter stream is packed with straightforward articles and research that cover a variety of topics including digital transformation, process improvement, AI and automation, and much more. Kevin’s writing is independent, to the point, and practical. But it is his podcast interviews, for both AIIM On Air and his award-winning Everyday MBA podcast that really step up the value. Weekly episodes featuring leading experts and authors — many of them best-sellers — that explore not only the innovations afoot but also the business advantages and how to get them. We especially like his action-oriented approach. Find him on LinkedIn here.

#2: Mark Patrick

@JSinfoDude | jcs.mil

Mark Patrick is Chief of the Information Management division of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and an experienced information and national security executive. His diverse background in international security and information governance make him a uniquely qualified voice in the industry. He is the immediate past Chair of the AIIM International board of directors and you can expect Mark to continue to be a leading influence in information management in 2020. His efforts help shape the way government agencies approach knowledge management, data security and situational awareness in critical and top-secret applications. Find him on LinkedIn here.

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#3: Dave Jones


Full disclosure: Dave Jones is our new VP of Marketing at @AODocs, but we’ve been following Dave long before that. His writing and presentations often focus on what Dave calls “the art of the possible,” and as a result present some practical and useful perspectives on ways to apply advances in AI, data capture and process automation. Look for Dave to continue to press the envelope in 2020, especially in industry areas that are poised for disruption and growth like Life Sciences and the cannabis industry. And check out his recent “perfect Thanksgiving reading list” for books to help you map your information management strategies for 2020. Find him on LinkedIn here.

#4: Patricia Ames

@OTGPublisher | WorkflowOTG.com

Patricia Ames is President and Analyst at BPO Media and a rising voice in the information management space. The reason for this is that Patricia manages to bridge the divide between printed communications and digital content, often exploring the confluence of the two and how organizations can benefit from a blended approach. Her website is a constant source of pointed articles and analysis. We found her recent article on the Internet of Things (IoT) especially salient as she warns that at “the intersection of security, 5G and automation we find yet another reminder that technology doesn’t always wait for common sense to catch up.” Her article “Taking the Risk Out of Machine Learning and AI” also presents some of the latest research to consider in 2020. Find her on LinkedIn here.

#5: John Mancini

@jmancini77 | contentresults.net

If you’ve been around the info tech industry then you probably know John Mancini, past president of AIIM International and a top pundit for digital transformation and intelligent process automation. Look in 2020 for John to continue leading the discussion as a popular keynote speaker. We found his talk for Quality Associates in Washington, DC this month to be especially helpful for organizations getting ready to meet the deadline for the new US government-wide records management policy M-19-21. John also conducts regular research and it’s easy to participate, just follow his Twitter feed for more. His “state of the industry” research is widely relied upon for the latest trends in technology adoption and spending. Find him on LinkedIn here.

#6: Cheryl McKinnon

@CherylMcKinnon | forrester.com/Cheryl-McKinnon

Cheryl McKinnon is a research analyst with Forrester who covers content management and collaboration, among other topics. Before joining Forrester, Cheryl ran an independent consulting firm, serving both private- and public-sector clients and she frequently speaks at events and seminars for AIIM, ARMA and others. We thought her research on application development and delivery earlier this year was important, and a taste of what is to come in 2020 as more and more applications are developed and delivered with a mobile-first, personalized and collaborative approach that has superseded the traditional one-way push of information from the top down. Find her on LinkedIn here.

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#7: Alan Pelz-Sharpe

@4DeepAnalysis | deep-analysis.net

Alan Pelz-Sharp is the author of bestselling book "Practical Artificial Intelligence" and founder of Deep Analysis, a research and advisory firm focused on new and emerging markets and technologies. If you are looking for advice on disruptive markets and technologies — and what you should do about them — Alan will certainly be one place to go for important perspective and discussion in 2020. And if you have tried everything imaginable but have yet to be able to use artificial intelligence to scale your business or enhance your projects, then Alan’s book and his research may be just what you need to move forward productively. He breaks down the basics of how AI works in simple, non-technical terms as well as what it takes for businesses to start incorporating it in ways that make a real difference. Find him on LinkedIn here.

#8: Peggy Winton

@pwwinton | AIIM.org

Peggy Winton is one of today’s top thought leaders in intelligent information management. As CEO for AIIM, she leads a talented team of researchers, educators, and content creators. Peggy’s keynote at AIIM19 this year was just a taste of where she’s taking the industry — looking at the importance and confluence of information governance and information strategy, and how organizations must look at managing information differently in 2020 and beyond. And under her leadership, the AIIM Leadership Council has emerged as a top think-tank for association members and information management professionals worldwide. Find her on LinkedIn here.

#9: Sandy Kemsley

@skemsley | kemsleydesign.com

Industry analyst Sandy Kemsley is known for her work in the areas of Business Process Management. She is a featured conference speaker and writes the Column 2 blog on BPM and Enterprise 2.0. Prior to becoming an independent analyst and systems architect, she previously founded two successful product and service companies focusing on content management and e-commerce. We thought her keynote at CamundaCon2019 recently on using a BPMS and microservices to build a business automation platform was especially informative, especially as business process automation is set to take center stage in 2020. Her white papers have been used by a number of leading solution providers. Find her on LinkedIn here.

#10: Marko Sillanpaa

@MSillanpaaCIP | Gartner.com

Industry analyst Marko Sillanpaa has seen the scope and landscape of enterprise content management evolve in his 18 years in the industry, and as a result has a valuable perspective that we’ve come to trust. As research director for Gartner, Marko explores the areas of content services and corporate legal content technologies. He has a deep understanding of the capabilities and challenges in implementing complex solutions and he is a pragmatic guide to complex tactical and strategic problems. Look for him as a keynote in 2020 as well, for example, at the Gartner Digital Workplace Summit coming in March. Find him on LinkedIn here.

BONUS! #11: Duff Johnson

@DuffJohnson | duff-johnson.com

Duff Johnson is the Executive Director of the PDF Association, an international collaboration of member organizations and individuals actively learning from and supporting each other in the development and use of PDF technology. Duff is an ardent advocate and developer of international standards related to PDF. Since you could call PDF the original platform for digital transformation, his work has a legacy of innovation and impact that continues today. If you take a look at his LinkedIn profile, you will find that his specialties include expertise in PDF technology, enterprise content management, electronic document accessibility, document imaging, conversion and capture and technical standards development — all important areas to consider as we enter 2020. Find him on LinkedIn here.

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