SOC 2 certification is crucial for document security in the cloud

Sadena Thevarajah | May 4, 2016

We are proud to announce that AODocs has just passed SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification.

What is SSAE 16 SOC 2 certification?

SSAE 16 is an auditing standard that not only verifies controls and processes, but also requires a written report regarding the design and operating effectiveness of the controls being reviewed. The resulting SOC 2 report is one of the gold standards of security for cloud technologies. In fact, organizations faced with compliance requirements around sensitive data, can leverage AODocs’ SOC 2 as part of their compliance strategy. AODocs helps many organizations comply with regulations and standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSMS, OHSAS and others. Now with our SOC 2 certification, customers have one more reason to trust AODocs with business critical documents.

Security in the cloud: AODocs SOC 2 certification

What does it take to get SOC 2 certified?

A leading independent firm, Kirkpatrick Price, audited our internal policies and processes to validate our compliance with the SOC 2 standard.  The audit included a full assessment of AODocs software, people, procedures, and infrastructure (running on Google Cloud Platform, which is also SOC 2 certified).

Getting SOC 2 certification is nothing to sneeze at – it is a lengthy process and in fact, we are the only enterprise document management solution on Google Drive with this certification. Of course, using AODocs makes going through audits a breeze, so maybe we had an upper hand in that regard.

Why did we get SOC 2 certified?

Security has always been paramount to us, even before going through this audit. We knew that it would be beneficial for our customers to have an independent verification of our security practices, both for their peace of mind and their own compliance strategy.

Here at AODocs, we feel privileged that our customers trust us with their critical business data. Getting certified is just another way to let you know that we appreciate your trust, and your data is safe with us.

Why should customers care that SaaS companies are SOC 2 certified?

Companies moving their documents to the cloud often have legitimate concerns about the security of their sensitive information. Certifications like SOC 2 provide them with an independent assurance that the platform they chose offers the level of confidentiality they require for their business.


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