See how Aveve is saving €2 million per year thanks to AODocs & G Suite
Posted by Bonnie Bailly ● 10/19/17 1:29 AM

See how Aveve is saving €2 million per year thanks to AODocs & Google Workspace

Group Aveve is the market leader in agricultural and horticultural supplies in Belgium. They employ over 1,500 people and operate more than 50 companies in Belgium and abroad.

They used to be a very decentralized company. With over 50 different subsidiaries and 13 factories, Aveve wanted to replace their Sharepoint environment and find one common platform to improve collaboration and productivity. AODocs on top of Google Workspace made this possible. Before AODocs, every subsidiary was doing everything on its own and a lot of time was lost. AODocs essentially allowed them to go from operating as more than 50 companies to one in just nine months. They now have more than 1,500 people using AODocs across all departments including Legal, Quality Control, Procurement, and Finance.

Implementing AODocs on top of Google Workspace allowed Aveve to increase productivity, go paperless, and improve governance. Aveve employees can now access documents and perform crucial business processes from any place at any time, whether they’re in the office or on-site at a factory. What in the past took many hours, is now just the work of a few minutes.

By moving to AODocs and Google Workspace, they’re already on track to realize the cost savings of €2 million a year recurring they promised the board before the rollout began.

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Aveve Employee Explaining AODocs 

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