Quintero y Quintero case study

Liza Goldstein | October 25, 2014

Quintero y Quintero law firm uses the AODocs workflow engine to dramatically improve their response time to customer requests.

Quintero business description

Quintero y Quintero is a famous law firm in Columbia, specialized in Human Resource cases.
In 2014, they have 40 employees with 25 lawyers and more than 300 customers including the biggest companies of Colombia.

Business and technical challenge

Quintero receives more than 40 cases per day from their customers and many of their customer contracts require them to meet strict response time deadlines.
As do many other companies, Quintero started to use the email to manage their cases but the system was complex to manage and prone to human errors, making it difficult to respond in time to the many incoming requests.

When they moved to Google Apps, they tried to deploy a Business Process Management tool, which in the end did not satisfy their requirements because of a high complexity to operate and a complete lack of integration with Google Apps. After almost 1 year was lost with this tool, Quintero found AODocs on the Google Apps Marketplace and started using it.

Our integrated solution

In July 2013, a pilot was launched to set up their main process. The first step was to integrate the cases received by email directly with AODocs.

All customers send their request to one unique email address and the emails received by this address are transformed into AODocs documents, while turning the attachments into attached files in AODocs. Then a workflow starts by assigning the request to a lawyer (chosen based on the type of request) and once he wrote the answer to the customer request, it’s reviewed by the general lawyer and then send to the customer.

The AODocs solution is based on a combination of AODocs workflow, extended with a few custom scripts implementing the business rules determining the assignment of each case, and with document naming conventions that make the requests easy to find for end users.

Since AODocs is fully integrated with Google Apps, users can easily send documents to AODocs and switch between Gmail, Drive and AODocs with consistent user experience.

AODocs was up and running in production after only 3 weeks of deployment, and thanks to the AODocs Google Spreadsheet add-on, Quintero has built detailed reporting dashboards to closely monitor the number of cases in progress, closed, the capacity planning…

Quintero business benefits

A year after the implementation of the first process, Quintero has managed more than 9,400 cases with AODocs and deployed 3 new processes. The application has been adopted by all users, who are adding every day more and more customer content to their AODocs libraries, where the information is properly organized with rich metadata, and easy to find.

“AODocs has significantly increased the productivity of my team and improved our response time to customer requests”, says Edgar Quintero, “and now our company is able to manage more customers with the same team, and at the same time improve customer satisfaction”.


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