Jarlette case study

Liza Goldstein | April 2, 2015

Jarlette decommissioned their on-premise servers and gained improved organization-wide collaboration.

Jarlette business description

Founded in 1970 by Alex and Bobbie Jarlette, Jarlette Health Services cares for more than 1600 Canadian senior citizens at 18 retirement and long term care homes throughout Ontario, Canada. Jarlette works very hard to meet high standards for elder care. In particular they use a multi-disciplinary collaborative approach to enhance the services they provide for their residents, the organization and the local community databases. 

Business and technical challenge

The decision to adopt AODocs originates from their current president, David Jarlette, who had two key challenges:

1. “Our 20 locations are in rural areas around the province of Ontario, Canada. Our end users are health care providers who are more interested in the care of our residents than complex IT systems.”

2. “We have had recurring costs related to our previous document management system that just seemed overly expensive, yet the system was cumbersome for our managers to use.

Donna Lister, Jarlette’s only AODocs administrator, further said that their previous system wasn’t very user friendly because it required two logins to access a remote file server. And if a file was accidentally deleted or misplaced, Jarlette had to pay a consultant to retrieve it from their tape archives.

Before Jarlette management was aware of AODocs, they investigated several other popular solutions. Microsoft SharePoint and Box.com were evaluated, but they were “too expensive and didn’t integrate well with Google Apps.” They then looked at Dropbox and Google Drive. Both had security that was “too out of control”. Dropbox was “not so Google Apps friendly.”


Our integrated solution

With the deployment of AODocs, Jarlette solved many of their accidental file deletion and recurring administration cost challenges. If a file is accidentally deleted, Donna is able to quickly retrieve it from AODocs Deleted Files folders. They have also saved “big time on the money.” Further, AODocs allowed them to create a company-managed, fixed folder structure for administration plans and reports, making it easier for their management team to share information and maximize reuse of best practices. New managers can be on-boarded more easily with better results because they can be shown “this is where things are.” Information security is improved as well with their AODocs file access permission structure. Teams focused on a particular project can see their own files with access restricted to team members. “AODocs provided that last critical piece that allowed them to have the security and confidentiality needed to support the management reporting structure and communication process.”

The actual setup of AODocs did not take long at all. A pilot team tested AODocs for a couple of weeks to determine the best interface and library design to use for their business needs. They spent quite a bit of time on the library design, developing better naming conventions and better grouping of data to match their security needs. The AODocs support team was very helpful in this process.


Jarlette business benefits

Jarlette’s bigger challenge with this project was the overwhelming task of moving their whole shared drive to the cloud. A number of steps helped:

a) They created an AODocs committee with 2 Directors and representativesof each department. Because of the experience and in-depth knowledge of this group, it was easy to make wise design and process decisions that are respected by their colleagues.

b) Jarlette decided to just move over files as needed. Their plan is to keep their old shared drive as read only for a while to discourage people from bringing over all their files. This made for a fresh, lean library design.

c) Donna now works individually with each department to ensure they stick to their new standards. Once they get thinking the new way, they like it better. AODocs allows them to restrict people from making subfolders.

d) We expect each department to design their overall library structure to ensure it does not become a jumble of scattered data.

The combination of AODocs plus Google Drive provides the proper security for Jarlette’s documents”, said Donna. Plus, it improved collaboration, especially from one remote facility to another. They are also saving a significant portion of their IT budget from the decommissioning of their Microsoft file servers.




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