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Celebrate Your Freedom with Cloud IT This 4th of July
Posted by Evelyn Frederickson ● 7/3/18 11:17 AM

Celebrate Your Freedom with Cloud IT This 4th of July

With America’s Independence Day on the 4th of July and Bastille Day only ten days later, people all over the world are lighting up the sky in celebration of freedom. Why can’t every day be this triumphant?

Trying to be productive in a server-based environment can be a drag. For years, your company has probably languished in the shackles of an on-premise IT infrastructure. Your employees are weighed down by the incessant update installations and potential security risks worry your IT team day and night. This summer, reclaim your independence from clunky and dated servers by embracing the cloud.

“The way we handle data is driven by what’s best for our users, regardless of whether that user is an individual or a large enterprise. To provide them with the reliability, efficiency, resiliency, and speed they depend on, data might need to be stored in many different configurations across a global network.” - Urs Hölzle, Senior Vice President, Technical Infrastructure Google.

AODocs and Google have always been inspired by the idea of empowering technology users to enjoy the freedom to enjoy your technology experience - even at work. Let’s take a closer look at how you can declare your own independence this July.

Freedom from Worry

Isn’t it time that cyberterrorists and hackers took a back seat to all the good that technology can help us accomplish? The security of cloud infrastructure means that you can worry less about where your information is stored and who has access to it. While there are still recommended authentication protocols, your data will be encoded and safely housed within Google’s well-protected infrastructure.

SaaS uptime is the responsibility of the apps vendors. This means that you’re also free from worry about getting woken up at 2AM by a CEO who urgently needs information stored on a server that isn’t working.

Freedom from Shadow IT

Employees just want to do their jobs as best they can but when provided tech resources don’t make the cut, companies find themselves in a mess of unauthorized addons and one-off downloads. AODocs, the only enterprise-grade business application platform built specifically for Google, enhances the business user experience. When employees have access to tools that make them more productive, you eliminate shadow IT.

Freedom to Scale

Antiquated server technology requires a tremendous physical footprint, it brings cumbersome maintenance requirements, and required expensive training. For many older and on-premise solutions, enhancements to your business processes require custom modifications. They slow you down and are rarely perfect once complete. With the cloud, your company is free to scale as quickly as your ideas.

Freedom from Updates

How many times does your IT team promise that this one small change will get the company where it needs to be -- only to find out a couple months later that a subsequent modification is needed as well? Another follows and then another. Escape the shackles of the upgrade addiction by moving to cloud.

AODocs wishes everyone a fun and server-free holiday! If you’re ready to declare your independence, click here for a complimentary demo.

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