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AODocs & Virtru Deliver Enhanced Security for Google Apps

AODocs and Virtru are excited to offer Google Drive users a new security solution that adds a layer of customizable, scalable encryption to AODocs’ Google Drive document management platform.

Encryption built for the Cloud

AODocs Screenshot of Secure Document Management

We’ve partnered with Virtru, a leader in Encryption-as-a-Service (EaaS), to provide admins and users with a powerful encryption product that integrates with Google Drive and AODocs. Admins and users gain new tools without sacrificing the flexibility, performance and user experience that they like in Google Drive.

Like AODocs, Virtru’s encryption solution lives in Google Drive: files are encrypted when uploaded from local devices, and decrypted within an online Secure Reader which can be opened from the Google Drive interface. Content owners grant access using encryption keys that they manage; and are able to audit, revoke or alter access at any time and from anywhere. Encryption and decryption is performed in the browser, which means that no server side component (i.e. the Google Drive, AODocs and Virtru) has access to the decrypted content of the encrypted files.

Keep your Information Secure with AODocs and Virtru - Security Webinar

Your Content stays with AODocs

The Virtru encryption and access control comes on top of AODocs’ own security features. All AODocs access controls, security options, sharing permissions management remain available when Virtru is used, as well as the other document management features such as metadata, workflow, version control, etc. Encrypted content can only be accessed by users who have BOTH the permission to access the file in AODocs and the permission to decrypt the file in Virtru.

Seriously Supporting Compliance & Confidentiality

AODocs & Virtru help you create safeguards that work for your organization. Admins and users and developed a solution to tighten security without strangling collaboration or innovation. Both AODocs & Virtru are happy to answer questions, and help you assess your security needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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